MBI Course Descriptions


LEVEL 1 (SML1) : A 2-part, 10 week course introducing the principles of mindfulness-based stress reduction and cognitive therapy. Explores self-compassion, compassion for others, and relationship dynamics.

LEVEL 2 (SML2) : In this 7-week course we continue to deepen our awareness. The primary focus for both levels is to increase the ability of the participants to be mindful of their own thoughts, emotions and body wisdom in order to respond fully and joyfully to life.


LEVEL 1 (CPL1) : 13 week 2-part course, participants learn the principles of mindfulness meditation to facilitate changes in their relationship to emotional and physical pain. Through the practice of increasing self-awareness, participants cultivate the ability to choose how to respond to life with choices that reduce pain. We learn the science-based interventions about the body-mind connections, including anxiety, stress, anger and fear, relationships and their effect on pain, and how sleep, nutrition and exercise influence our pain.

LEVEL 2 (CPL2) : Building on the principles from the CPL1 course this 10 week program allows a deeper exploration of daily responses to life that increase or decrease emotional and physical pain. This advanced course helps participant’s integrate and apply the mindfulness tools and practices into their day-to-day lives.


An advanced course of the Chronic Pain series, this 6 week + 2 week Mini Lumina Spark course includes teachings about the unique abilities of the brain, epigenetics, emotional intelligence, personality differences, compassion and forgiveness. Daily practise of extended meditations invite participants to deepen their awareness and to acknowledge and allow the present moment, just as it is.

Prerequisites: Two CPL1 courses, or one CPL1 course and one CPL2 course and a regular personal meditation practice.