Our Team

Dr. Kim R. McKenzie
is a board-certified general internist with a practice in chronic pain management and has been certified in MBCPM to provide facilitation for this program. Dr. McKenzie has had a personal meditation practice for over 40 years primarily in insight meditation. He has practiced general internal medicine/geriatric medicine since 1984 and has a special interest in chronic pain management. He has been certified in Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management and is in affiliation with Dr. Jackie Garner Nix and the NeuroNova center for chronic pain management in Toronto. In addition he has trained under Saki Santorelli and Jon Kabat-Zinn and has completed level I certification in MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) through the Center for Mindfulness in medicine, healthcare and society at the University of Massachusetts medical school. He is also completing certification in MBCT (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy) through the Center for Mindfulness Studies in Toronto. In addition he has studied Mindfulness-Based Self Compassion under Kristen Neff and Chris Gerber. He is currently working towards a Masters in Mindfulness Education through the University of Wales.

Janice May
Janice began with the MBCPM program in 2013 with Dr. Jackie Gardner-Nix as a participant. She had been dealing with chronic migraines, adrenal fatigue and had been in a car accident. The principles of mindfulness, meditating and using the breath provided the tools she needed to go forward. She had the opportunity to continue learning from the MBCPM program by assisting Dr. Adam Bletsoe, a trained MBCPM Facilitator, run the program at his Toronto clinic for the next two years. In 2015 she began working for Dr. Jackie Gardner-Nix at the NeuroNova Centre for Mindful Solutions, as her assistant and office manager. For the next two years, she enrolled for and attended many patient courses and Facilitator Trainings.  In 2016 she received her MBCPM Facilitator Assistant certificate and in 2017 attended the MBCPM Facilitator Training at U of T with Dr. Kim McKenzie. She is currently working towards her MBSR certification. Janice is also a certified Yoga Alliance Yoga instructor as well as a group fitness and Zumba instructor.  She has a genuine passion to help others. Her personal journey through the program helps her understand and guide participants with their own journeys.   We welcome Janice to the MBI Team as a co-facilitator of MBI’s Chronic Pain Management program, as well as office administration for the OTN programs.

Joanne Lougheed
Joanne has been practicing yoga and mindfulness since her teens, and she’s studied yoga philosophy and meditation extensively for over 35 years. With the encouragement of her teachers, Joanne became certified to teach yoga in 2001 and has been teaching locally and internationally for over 15 years. Joanne also holds a B.A. in Education and a Specialized Honours Degree with a focus on Developmental and Educational Psychology, and became certified to offer Mindfulness Based Interventions in 2017.

 Joanne believes mindfulness and yoga practices improve the quality life- physically, mentally and emotionally- and encourages her students to use their practice to find their strength and resilience, empowering them the meet the challenges of life. 

Joanne teaches both group and private sessions for MBI Barrie, at Flourish Vitality Centre, and in the community, and specializes in Mindfulness Based Chronic Pain Management, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Yoga for Beginners, Restorative Yoga, and Gentle Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation.

Gordon (Gord) R. Lee
first participated in the MBCPMTM level 1 in 2013 and continued attending MBCPMTM classes for 5 years to further his resilience and continue healing after living many years with chronic pain resulting from a catastrophic accident while in the Canadian Armed Forces. Gord’s consistent mindfulness practice, many silent retreats ranging from short to extended lengths of silence, his life experience as a veteran healing and growing with PTSD and chronic pain adds a lot of insight and real life experience to each class. In November 2016 Gord attended “Assistant Facilitator” training where Dr. Jackie Gardner-Nix presented him with a certificate for Assistant Facilitation of MBCPMTM classes. Then in August 2017 he attended facilitator training taught by Dr. Kim McKenzie at U of T where he gained full certification as a facilitator of mindfulness based chronic pain management classes.